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We have been Ordained through World Evangelism Fellowship and His Light Ministries is an Affiliated member of World Evangelism Fellowship.

The Holy Bible is the most important thing on this earth. Why? Because it holds all of man's answers spiritually, physically, and economically. No matter how big or small the problem is God's Word holds your answer.

The Expositor's Study Bible we believe will help you in your walk with the Lord. Why? Because unlike most Commentary Bibles, which gives the author's own personal thoughts, the Expositor's Study Bible was designed (by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries) to analyze each Scripture according to its original meaning.

We believe that this Bible will help you to better understand the Word of God like you have never known before. Also, we believe it will give you a better understanding of the Message of the Cross.

The sole purpose of this Ministry is to help those who simply cannot afford an Expositor's Bible. We do not sell the Expositor's Bible. So, if you are interested in purchasing one you will need to log onto www.jsm.org. But if you are in need of a Bible and thirst to know more about Jesus Christ please fill out the Bible Request Form provided. We will do our best to get an Expositor's Bible into your hands. We do not charge for the Bible it is a gift. But we can only send Bibles when funds are available. (Only one Expositor's Study Bible will be given per household)

If you would like to help us with this Ministry please click on the "donate button." This will ensure that we will have the necessary funds in order to get Bibles into the hands of those in need. Thank You!

All rights to the Expositor's Study Bible are reserved @ Jimmy Swaggart Ministries