His Light Ministries

                                                                    104 W Main Street

                                                                    Deshler,OH 43516

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Taking the Message of the Cross to the world

Tune in every Wednesday Morning at 5 am Eastern Standard Time

-Airing via Roku, Firestick Tv, Apple Tv, and Android Tv
Tune in every Wednesday Morning at 7 am Eastern Standard Time

-Airing via Channel 32.3 WUCB Upstate New York, Roku, Apple Tv, and Firestick Tv
Tune in ever Thursday Morning at 2:30 am Eastern Standard Time / 10:30 am Eastern African Time

-Airing via Channel 364 on Rodeo Network, Channel 249 Vexus Cable, Channel 80 Litestream Cable, Channel 259 FTC Cable, Channel 72 NKT.TV Cable, Channel 106 TikiLive Cable, IntelSat 20 Satellite TV covering Africa/Western Europe
Tune in every Sunday at 10:30 am/6:30 pm and Thursday Bible Study at 7 pm.

-Airing via Roku, Google Play, and Apple App Store 
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